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About the Film

​​Junmai Daiginjo is considered the pinnacle of a sake brewer’s craft. Because of the stringent quality controls involved and labor-intensive nature of the production process, only a few brewers pursue the making of this highly polished rice liquor in small quantities. 


Even fewer of them attempt to make Junmai Daiginjo raw. While leaving the brew unpasteurized helps retain its freshness and delicacy, the fact that it must be refrigerated the entire time presents an insurmountable logistical challenge for most brewers.


In “KINMI: Brewing the Future of Sake”, an entrepreneur traces back how his unwavering love of sake has led to a unique “kinship” with five brewers across Japan. And how, by working together, they were able to overcome the hesitation and obstacles in making unpasteurized Junmai Daiginjo, and in-turn, bring new value to an industry that's been a cultural symbol in the country for over 2000 years.


The documentary was filmed in early 2023.






「KINMI: Brewing the Future of Sake」では、ある起業家の日本酒への揺るぎない愛が、全国五軒の蔵元と唯一無二な “キンシップ "を育んだ経緯を遡る。そして、彼らが生の純米大吟醸を造ることへのためらいやハードルをどのように乗り越え、ひいては2000年以上にわたって日本の文化的象徴であった産業に新たな価値をもたらすことができたのかを辿る作品です。



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